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oh no I don’t like it [Music] hello and welcome back to the channel is currently January which also means it’s be January what’s big Annie you asked oh good question I shall explain the gallery is when people encourage you to go vegan for the month of January but what’s really cool about this is that food companies get involved too which means they bring our specific vegan options just for this month oh my god last year greg’s there was this whole big vegan sausage ravi ASCO they had brought out these vegan sausage rolls and everyone just lost their marbles everywhere you went the vegan sausage rolls are sold out because people wanted them so much which I don’t even understand why because turns out they were just calm sausages so you could have little boy from your local supermarket so I don’t know why people were so stressed about it anyway that’s pretty boy yeah we like to stress about the most basic things if you fall I ended on the sausage roll you will be wrong because this year do it there they really pulled it out this year in 2020 these food places have really pulled out all the stops but Gregg’s in particular have brought out the vegan steak baked amazing I thought in the next few days I’m just gonna go around and try all the different vegan food options from various food chains Thank You vegan weary for supplying me with this sweet wholesome meat free content no beef on this channel just wholesome pure love Wow that’s probably most cringy thing I’ve ever said okay let’s go go first off for my vegan hunt is Gregg’s and it’s the vegan steak base I don’t know if pasta is a British thing but this is what it looks like I thought you never had a steak big before but it’s basically pieces of steak in with onion and like I think gravy or some sort of sauce in it oh my god nice so good I think it’s good because of the sauce not the meat we’re only on the fifth stop and I’m already really happy like I hope I haven’t picked you soon because this is actually really good honestly Gregg’s delivered this is why we love Gregg say it with me we love Gregg’s I’m gonna take a picture of it and send it cousins because this is quite a moment right now no no oh I really need to clean my car at some point it’s so gross it doesn’t really have a meaty taste to it I think it’s just a source but I mean I like it Craig’s you are doing crazy big things and I am proud of you honey you make me proud to be British next up is McDonald’s I’m not feeling as hopeful for this one how do you do the begun meal ya know just the just the gue John’s on its own Oh veggie dippers ah it’s the same smell basically what this is what you think is a bit cheeky it’s basically the veggie burger like they just put it made into like sticks you can get this as a meal I don’t know why I didn’t get the meal now cuz at least I would have liked the fries I don’t know why I didn’t get the meal I kind of panicked in the moment my googan had decided to oh wow it’s different alright when I focus on my GU Jon oh no I don’t like it I tried the mac vegan burger in Germany and oh my god it was so good and when you have tried a good vegan option McDonald’s you’re not gonna sell for this you just know the steak baked was 155 which is reasonable I think that’s fine for GU John’s it was three pounds twenty-nine I should have got the meal I still panic when I had to order food I don’t know why I just panicked every single time I’m a grown adult and I still can’t do it and I need water as well oh I have really screwed this up are you gonna be charged in 3 pound 29 or 4 dippers especially when a meal is like around 4 pound 50 right so when you think of it like that I think I got mugged off Casey have brought out the new vegan chicken burger which I tried out last summer hi do you any vegan options it was so awkward apart from like the sides such as like sweet corn and beans and the drinks looking nothing else was vegan so the fact that I’m now getting this vegan burger they have stepped up their game doesn’t really taste like chicken I’m not gonna lie to you very disappointed I don’t know no disoriented but the vegan hunt shall continue also how this really bad hobby of just nothing oh it’s so bad um basically oh boy Hey I mean Elise is washed can you tell this might be a good time to say I have a second channel where I do kind of make every day chill ox and poetry let’s go click for more tears I’m so smart everyone go subscribe to click on more tasks the link will be in the description box oh I mean so here here for a minute that was like know what it is there are four five hours but they don’t list oh really bad cuz I’m lazy and deliver is my best friend I am going to delivery wagamama the meal I’m gonna get today is called be katsu and I’m gonna assume the ice for began Ori what’s fun small times let’s go order walk about much from Dylan room there’s a bag from the door which means food yes thank you oh I don’t know how to pronounce it but this is this is what it looks like has being the true professional she is took her time to take in all the flavors in order to make an unbiased objective opinion and came to my senses and realized I don’t think of myself on of this kind of think I wasted 10 quid well 13 quid for the delivery but you know what it’s fine that’s part of this journey you win some you lose some I mean Olli cuz I paid for it but I’m not gonna act like I’m excited about it I’m not gonna with a massive smile on my face I’ll tell you that good no smiling I’m going to try pizza tomorrow I’m very excited about that pepperoni pizza is vegan what what a time to be alive witches have introduced new vegan foods will be gonna worry oh that’s right it was cuz it was online but I guess another coming to store right now I want to try cuz it’s like a new thing but that’s why thank you yeah thank you they didn’t have the vegan chicken tears one absolute travesty I’ve come to Pizza Hut and we’re gonna try out the vegan pepperoni pizza it’s only been brought out for 2020 and it’s only available to the pizza January so I’m hoping this one does it and I’m hoping it tastes great so here we have the B competes whoa it does actually look legit that’s vegan cheese and vegan pepperoni and apparently the pepperoni is made of chickpeas Matt cheese is so good I’m not even a cheese fun and I think that is really good maybe I am into David for Easter hands down this is the best thing I try so far this is crazy but that tastes so good this tastes so good right the fact that this is vegan it’s my bone I’m gonna get this all the time I thought you really good good news is I’ve fallen in love with it bad news is it’s only available to the 31st of January would you so sad if you have this available are you local pizza let me check it out and try it out because I Jennie think this is amazing this has worn over Greg’s we have a new winner this hoodies freshly washed and has just come up the radiator so it feels like old mug I really need to get out more talking about getting out the house I am still not satisfied on this vegan worry journey that I’ve been on it’s been a bit of a mixed bag a lot of emotions ups and downs and I feel like we’re not quite they we haven’t reached the end of the road I’m gonna end this video by going to Subway last night I was doing a lot of scrolling on the social media and upon me Subway does vegan meatball sub in fact I have tried the meatball sub I have tried the real meatball sub before and I wasn’t really it just feels really weird to have me pull and sauce with bread so it’s a wild concept as it is but I take it even better by making it be good so basically we’re gonna go to subway oh and get me a vegan meatball sub [Music] that sub truly looks tragic Oh smells good I didn’t have to eat the meatball so let’s try that again shall we [Music] you [Music] the textures really not means interesting I’ve got crumbs everywhere why why do I always have crumbs away oh I found a sweet corn it has a very meaty chewy texture to it so that’s really good they got the texture on point the flavor does Loki tastes like me but on the like Noah’s spectrum so this is like this is this like taste it tastes like meat but it’s like not good meat and this is like it tastes like me and it’s incredible me it’s like here it tastes like me that’s like the lowest quality but I didn’t even like the regular meat basa so that’s you know maybe I’m not the right person to do this challenge everyone’s gonna comment in the comments saying like yeah we know I mean I’m just happy there’s an option I would say it’s pizza huh it’s Greg’s and then is this so it’s still good I’m not clapping and screaming to the winds hallelujah yeah you know I’m more like mmm pleasantly surprised and grateful that’s literally how I’m gonna review that and take from that what you will I’m gonna take a picture this to send to my cousins but it literally looks so gross that I don’t think they’re gonna appreciate it someone’s gotta send out the good wholesome vegan message even though I’m not even a chicken I’m trying to find the meat a bone oh I found it okay it’s missing the but can you see how missing your room is in the background yes you can okay great great that’s been there the whole time that’s gonna annoy me okay fun times you know what I’m actually impressed this year they really did pull out all the stops I am really impressed by the options a problem McDonald’s McDonald’s are such a letdown McDonald’s feel like one of the biggest food chains in the world step up your game people wow I’m really coming from McDonald’s who do I think again I’m not a vegan why my dad suppressed who hit me what’s going on dad 2020 was meant to be the you and you can be chill I’m calm and nice and positive anyway I’m rambling on basically ah that’s the end of the video I have a few questions let me know what vegan options you have in your area if you have any at all let me know what your if you’re in the UK and you watch this video I mean if you tried any of these which one you enjoyed um nah I hope you well and safe and healthy and enjoyed twenty20 so far and I hope all your dreams come true I love you lots thank you so much watching and I shall see you guys next time bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

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