VEGAN Family: What I Eat Living In A Van

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on in there good morning everyone so today we are woken up in the land and it is the most beautiful day we are going to show you everything we eat today take an idea of the sorts of foods we ate whilst living in a van we keep it really simple and I think we’re gonna go do some markets today guys guess what we have over 10,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel that which we I’m sorry excited about that was sort of like a goal to just connect with like as many people as we could but like that’s so many people to us thank you so much to every single person who has subscribed to our channel if you’re watching this right now thank you so much it’s been an amazing journey and we’re so excited for all that is to come you sit with Debbie no I love you guys so much yeah kissies for daddy so this is my brekkie I’m going to have a few bananas nice and spotty some fresh delicious medjool dates and I’ve got

a little bit of granola here and some cocoa quench so I’m just gonna make up a bowl did you clean it you clean your bowl thank you mine is delicious by the way so we’re still here we decided it was so nice and we’re having such a good time Ayanna had her nap and I did some yoga and meditation and I’m reading this incredible book so he’s Chris seriously such an awesome thing about living in a van just you’re in no rush and if you like somewhere you can stay so we’re going to make them at lunch now we’re going to do some scrambled tofu in wraps with solid stuff I’ll show you guys we had it for lunch yesterday but with these veggie patties today we’re going to scramble tofu and I’m pretty hungry we’ve been snacking on fruit bananas dates and almond butter which is like my favorite thing ever sorry and Ayanna loves it as well oh so this is the tofu I’m going to cook it with some cumin sweet paprika and ground turmeric and a bit of tamari and a bit of a barbecue coconut aminos with some nutritional yeast and then we’ve just got a few salad things to go with it and I’m just going to put all of that together in a wrap and I don’t know we love having rats

because we can just get like some fresh stuff in there and it’s just super easy to make and eat as well you just eat with your hands and yeah just super easy delicious food [Music] what dat steady wearing your hat so the sun’s just gone down and this is where I’m cooking from just preparing some food and Chris and I are playing and it has been such an awesome day we seriously love days like this we just relax together we’re outside we do some exercise we eat simple food and just be together and watch Ayanna grow and explore the world seriously is definitely the simple things that make us the happiest yeah I’m gonna keep cooking otherwise I’m gonna be eating in a long time you get your warm clothes on your laces [Music] anyway for one more run before dinner [Music] [Music] we relocated inside and she’s cooked super hungry pal you hungry I always thought you this and we’re always like so hungry you got your ball so this is dinner doll with some coriander and we’re going to eat it eating lettuce leaves I always got hers so we get asked a lot of fat how we survived in the van and at the moment we’ve only got an esky but because we don’t eat dairy milk meat

or anything that needs to be kept cold because it’s gonna go off it’s much easier so we’re not actually sure if we’re going to get a fridge because we’ve been doing fine without one the only reason we’d like one is to keep greens nice and fresh and also to keep our coconut water cold but yet we’ll say leaving into summer we might get one [Music] seems like this happens every dinner [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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