Non Vegan Tries A Vegan Diet

hey guys so today I have a huge announcement I am vegan just kidding but I’m going to try and be vegan and see how it goes give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy videos of like testing different things and subscribe to my channel if you aren’t subscribed yet because I’m so close to a million you guys can we get there honestly like this month maybe that would be amazing I would be so happy and comment below which of the things I make this video you think looks the best and that you would try alright let’s get into the video first thing on the list 1/2 a cup of dry quinoa I made a little shopping list and I had one over to Whole Foods of course because that’s where all the vegans go there’s a substitute for literally everything so we look so good vegan so the shopping is definitely a bit more expensive because you had to buy produce like stuff of better quality there was a lot of different like convenience food items are so vegan the scooter oh it’s fresh too but it looks like cat balm where you gonna try it when I think of being vegan I think of eating like carrots for dinner you know but you don’t have to do that they have like a lot of like snacks and stuff like half shoe cheese this looks kind of theory it does not look like to use even a little bit first things first rekt this food I decided to make an acai bowl because I love all fables it’s bending my Twitter bio for like a year that I’m an awfui Bowl connoisseur so it’s a great way to ease myself into it all you need is a packet of acai we simply add this in and like literally blend it so cooled really really cold then I sprinkled a bunch of toppings strawberries blueberries granola the works and now to try my masterpiece that’s melting and turning into a soup kind of thing great thing about

acai bowls is they literally taste like a dessert well usually they do it tastes like tea it’s like so not sweet oh my god I should have used like oh I’ll put some agave in it you might need to put a little apple juice or agave or something in there just taste nothing like the ones that they have at Whole Foods and stuff like that they definitely sweet lead for the Aussie Ebel I would read it taste 7 out of 10 he definitely tastes good so much better how easy was to make 5 so for lunch I tried some vegan mac and cheese because I wanted to like take a step into the fast food kind of stuff looks amazing and I have to try because realistically if I’m going to be being in like going to be a lot of frozen lazy food I’m interested to see how it is compared to like Kraft Mac and Cheese so you know the drill I don’t really need to explain how to make mac and cheese it’s exactly the same as other kinds of a canned cheese the only difference is use almond milk and fake butter instead of real butter and whatever’s in this packet which I was really afraid was going to have an overwhelming sweet potato flavor so it seems normal so far I think it’ll be good if it doesn’t taste like sweet potato I don’t really want it to taste like that the only way it could go wrong that this cheese is just really gross it took like 20 minutes to make and I was just afraid it wasn’t taste like plastic he’s weird but it tasted even better than regular mac and cheese it’s good I really oh my gosh yeah well it’s kind of bland but you could easily like spice that up with something this is a success I would buy it again I’d totally make this again so it actually tastes really good I would rate this one tastes 8 out of 10 and how easy was to make I would give it a 6 it’s really really easy it’s just that it still takes like 30 minutes to make and on to dinner I wanted to try a vegan staple I seen these on Instagram and Pinterest and stuff it’s a beautiful so I found one that I can make in under 20 minutes but actually took me like 30 minutes but I learned a lot with this fish mostly how to make quinoa it’s not that hard I don’t know why I thought it was going to be hard my mom who is so proud of me for this

video okay so you start with making some kind of base mine with quinoa quinoa is so much easier to cook than I thought it would be okay so now I’m going to drain the quinoa something you’re supposed to but like there’s just a bit too much water so I oatmeal c’mon skill of it don’t try this at home okay now to assemble the bowl I put in cucumber tomato avocado and then also I throw in some beans and hummus and inedible flour because why not it’s just pretty-looking all it looks really good okay time to try it actually so good with avocado I would totally make this again it doesn’t take that long to make it’s just like a lot of random ingredients I don’t normally have like on hand you know I would rate it tastes 9 out of 10 I loved it and would totally make it again only Pizza gets 10 out of 10 and easiness to make I would give it a 4 it’s doable but still kind of takes well and is sort of a hassle next I consulted with a real live vegan about what vegan restaurants to try

to compare my meals to what’s like the best vegan restaurant that’s Radian restaurant in LA is for sure gracias Madre I feel like Mexican food yeah I love it so I was off to gracias Madre which is a super trendy restaurant in LA so what I ordered looked a lot like my bootable it’s like Chipotle basically really good all in all I think that I couldn’t do this vegan lifestyle I can make changes to be a bit more like plant-based and I think that’s what I’m going to do and have been like trying to do but I just I cannot commit fully to it but it was definitely fun to try I have some new vegan recipes I

like 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans return to me 84 percent so I don’t know I feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure if you’re like I’m vegan now if you feel like you can do it that’s amazing but you don’t like have to if you don’t really like want to you can see big steps towards it so yeah that’s my video I hope you guys enjoyed it like said give it a thumbs up and call it below which thing you would try the most subscribe if you haven’t yet and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next video bye [Music]

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