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hi everybody it’s rose and welcome back to chief lazy vegan I think I’m going to start every video now with that intro because I feel like people don’t know what my name is half the time and then when they meet me they’re like hi cheap lazy and I’m not really sure how I feel about being called chief lazy so my name is froze if you did not know anyway is that today I am doing another challenge starting on Monday today is Saturday by the way because I don’t have time to film on Monday starting on Monday I will be doing the live below the line challenge now some of you may have heard of it some of you may not have heard of it but it is essentially a challenge to live on one pound a day for five days so as some of you may know I did a challenge to live on two pounds a day for five days if you want to see those videos I’ll leave the link to the playlist in the description box so you can check that out but obviously this is going to be much harder because I’m going to be living on half of that so one pound a day 5 pounds to spend in five days the live below-the-line challenge is originally kind of like a charity type thing where you do this challenge and then you get people to donate money and then you donate that money to fighting world hunger and I to the organization that live below the line supports I don’t really know all the

details but basically for some reason this year loop below the line is not happening and they’ve put a pause on it so I can’t really like set up a charity well I probably could but I just don’t really have time at the moment so instead of that I’m just going to leave some links to some information about world’s hunger as I also need to learn a little bit more about it and also some potential charities that maybe you want to give a little bit of your money to to support the cause if you are in a position to do so this is kind of less of a fun challenge like the last time I did the how to live on $2 or 2 pounds a day challenge it was kind of just for fun and just to see what I could do and also to to experiment with cheap ingredients and to see what I could make and to make original and creative things out of the cheap ingredients that I had now this one is more of kind of like raise awareness for not necessarily raise awareness but I guess kind of a reminder to all of us that we are very lucky if we have even a little bit more than one pound day or if we have enough food to eat we have shelter we have all this other stuff as these things that we take for granted that we forget about this is kind of like I guess a reminder and also again to shed light on the issue and maybe even donate a little bit of our own money I’m just gonna go over some of the things that I got I didn’t spend all the money yet I still a little bit left because I always like to leave a little insurance let me show you guys what I got it’s gonna be very similar to the things that I got last time but less fun and this time I’m not going to be using condiments the only condiment I will be using a salt just because salts I can get like I don’t know I can like steal packets of salt four places is that is that bad and sugar I’m I get sugar at my work at my office so I’m just going to use the little packets of sugar at my office if I need to and other than that it’s just going to be this and yeah I’m just not going to be spending any more money than the five pounds who oh and I just want to put a little side note that obviously I know that this isn’t a representation of what it’s actually like to live in poverty or to not have enough food this is not obviously an equal representation or even a fair representation it’s just to get a little taste of what it might be like to not be in the position that I am to not be as lucky to have so much food and you know enough money to travel the world and all of this other stuff because let’s face it it was just based on luck that I was placed in the position that I am in and that I was born where I was born in the position that I was born in it was just based on luck and based on chance not based on the fact that I deserve more than somebody else or that my life is worth more than somebody else and that’s kind of how I try to you know spread the message of veganism is to to put yourself in the position of somebody else because you could have easily been in that position and if you were in that position then what would you want the world to do for you anyways oh my god this video this intro is like five minutes Lord okay so let’s show you guys what I got and I have the receipts and everything’s if you want the receipts I’ll take the picture of the receipts and I’ll probably do a blog post on it or something so check out the description for more of

that so let’s get started so first thing to Venice to sad lonely bananas this was I think 24 P for two so one was twelve and one was twelve so that’s 24 P I mean this is just going to be an emergency snack I would say so yeah I just felt like I couldn’t go a week without at least having some sort of fruit I got this very questionable looking pasta sauce this is the smart price as to smart price bolognese sauce it looks very questionable I don’t know it just looks like watery maybe it’s good I don’t know but this was like like four DP or something I don’t know it was particularly cheap and well by the way just a tip if you want to find cheap stuff like always by the store brand or the no-name brand like for example I bought this at Asda and this is the Asda brand so always that stuff is always going to be cheaper and some grocery stores will have like the lower end of their own brand so like this is the smart price brand so the smart price Brad is like even cheaper than like their regular brand stuff if that makes sense so freaking Chee so to go with that very questionable looking pasta sauce I got some of this pasta spaghetti which is actually some things on a gift on a regular basis because to me it tastes the same as any other spaghetti I’m telling people are quite like no that’s not true this is the asta smart price Getti this was 20 P ok so this together is like 60 P you could eat so many meals with this of course it’s not the best but I was really tempted to get chickpeas again because you guys know I check the addiction but because I wanted to make it slightly different than the stuff I bought last time I got some green lentils okay I do really love lentils I think lentils themselves have a really good flavor so you don’t really need to add a lot to it which is awesome and I’m just going to add this to everything I need to have some protein in my meals to feel satisfied and to feel full so that’s why I have lentils that’s why it beans with like everything because if I just have spaghetti with sauce literally that will go through me and I will get hungry like immediately so I need some lentils to keep me full and they should probably last me a few meals I don’t know this is 500 grams next frozen mixed vegetables I get this again regularly I couldn’t afford like fresh vegetables well I don’t think I could why might be this is going to give

me probably the most bang for the buck you know this was 77p and I’m just going to add this to everything basically so yeah frozen vegetables next is the Asda smart pricey it’s all the smart price range I’m telling you the Asus smart price long grain rice the last time I got rice for the other challenge it was by TEPCO and I didn’t really like the rice but you know it’s rice whatever I mean it’s going to do the job hopefully it’ll fill me up it’s white rice but whatever again I’m going to mix this with the lentils Scottish porridge oats Tesco this was 5 min to grams of porridge oats oats are really really good to keep you full and they’re really really cheap so I highly recommend if you’re running out of money or something oats would be a really good option for you really really good for you really really filling and quite satisfying and also dirt cheap okay so porridge oats and last but not least I have peach slices I got a can of peach slices with light syrup because I wanted to eat it the oatmeal so probably a couple of the days I’ll probably eat it with banana and then the other days I’ll probably have it with peach slices and I think it will be actually really good I’m pretty excited I kinda want to eat this now I really like canned peaches why like peaches in general but I like cam peaches – that is what I got and so basically I spent 89 P at Tesco and 3.09 at Asda so essentially I have a pound left so I spent 4 pounds so far which is actually kind of surprising because I thought I would spend more so I’m really happy that I still have a pound left so if I need anything else or if I feel like I’m dying that I can buy some more stuff so that’s basically all of the stuff that I got and so yeah I’m going to try to vlog the kind of like slightly every single day and show you guys what I’m eating it’s probably not going to be as in-depth in terms of cooking and stuff as my last challenge but I will be trying to take as many pictures as possible and just kind of filling you in and giving you updates as I go and how I feel and stuff like that make sure you stick around and let’s see how well I do on this challenge make sure you hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very very soon bye you

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