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hello everybody welcome back to cheap lazy feegan today I am sitting here in my onesie once again I’m about to do a very special video because I am going to be doing a challenge so about a month or so ago I saw a video on another YouTube channel and the video was titled how to live on three dollars a day and I saw that video and I was like I need to do that but I need to make it vegan of course so this video is going to be the vegan version of how to live on three dollars a day but as many of you guys know I live in the UK so we’re going to translate that three dollars into two pounds so three dollars u.s. is about two great British pounds so I am living on two pounds a day and I’m gonna be doing this for five days so yeah so it’s going to be starting tomorrow

some Monday through to Friday evening and who it’s going to be good so the rule is basically that I can’t spend more than 10 pounds in the next five days on food and drinks included so the only thing I’m allowed to drink is water and anything that comes free at my work so like coffee and tea I normally drink my own tea and I normally buy coffee if I want to at work but I’m not going to be doing that this week because I’m doing this challenge the few things that I will allow myself to use are things like condiments and like spices that are available in my house I know that might be kind of cheating but I just figured that it was really hard to fit in the food under the 10 pounds I think simply because I’m only doing it for five days now if I actually took this for longer I’m sure I

could have factored in some spices and other things but five days is fine five days I’m going to be spending 10 pounds maximum I’ll show you guys everything I bought right now and yeah oh yeah and another rule is that I’m going to try to make it as diverse as possible and make it as creative as possible maybe not creative but diverse so I don’t want to be eating the same thing every single day and though that is probably normally what I would do I would make like a big batch of something and just eat it for like a few days throughout the week just because it’s easy and I don’t like to cook every day but with this challenge I will probably be cooking pretty much every single day but that’s okay because I’ll have no life because I’ll just come home straight after work it was like cat

spend money anyway anyways let’s get started with everything I bought okay guys so I’m going to prepare some food yeah put it in the fridge and you leave it overnight and the oats kind of just soak and then you can eat it in the morning kind of cold it’s like a pudding okay so I’m going to add a banana it’s not very ripe yet but this parts gone all gross so this is my overnight oat situation do I look okay yeah you look beautiful are you sure okay I look pretty good so my overnight oats for tomorrow morning okay where does that go now rose Pinchot Richmond okay so these beans are soaking so I’m gonna cook them now

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